Our Company

Cinematic Video Production.  We focus on creating content that produces results and showcases our hard work. We are dedicated to working with the best technology to suit your needs. Video production is our life and we strive to continue to grow as artists.

We are Curt Braden and Sarah Tang Braden, a husband and wife team motivated to producing the best work possible. We have over 20 years of experience in video production and will continue to learn new ways of telling a story.

With a film and arts background, we focus on creating images that tell a story and leave an emotional impact on viewers. We have worked for many brands and movie sets around the nation and have learned a lot from each job. We have worked for Fox as well as Nascar many times and will continue to foster that relationship.

Our goal is to continue to grow as a company and offer clients the best services. We want to stay busy and produce better work each day. We appreciate your support.